I got the washable silk from Quince that keeps selling out…

I love how silk looks and feels but finding good quality pieces that are actually AFFORDABLE was such a struggle. But then I heard about Quince. I saw great reviews online and had to find out for myself! Quince has 100% Mulberry Silk Satin starting at just $40! That’s such a steal since luxury brands like Equipment, Vince, and Joie are charging up to 4x more for the exact same quality! Plus, their silk is machine washable, which makes caring for them so much easier. 

Why is Quince so affordable?

You know when they say high quality or low cost? With Quince you get the best of both worlds! They make luxury pieces that are actually affordable. That’s because Quince cuts down on cost with minimal packaging and corporate overheads. They cut out the middleman by delivering your items straight to your door from the factory. Quince saves money and then passes on all those savings to you! How great is that?

How does the silk compare? 

Quince has the best collection of silk clothes that I’ve ever seen. From silk blouses, skirts, slip dresses, camis and even more. I recently ordered their Washable Silk Slip Dress and Washable Silk Notch Collar Blouse. Let me tell you I am IN LOVE. When I say I live in my silk from Quince, I mean it. The quality of the material is exactly like the expensive versions. It’s machine washable and holds up after every wash, keeping that comfy and breathable feel that I dream of. Probably the best quality silk I have ever owned. AND there’s free shipping and returns for 365 days! 

What Should I Get? 

My jaw dropped when I saw the Washable Silk Slip Dress from Quince is only $79.90! Compared to other luxury brands like Vince that have slip dresses for almost $300, this price point is insane. Plus, it’s sooo flattering and made from 100% Mulberry Silk Satin. I love that it has adjustable straps so it fits me perfectly. The champagne color I got it in is to die for. It is absolutely everything I wanted it to feel and look like.

I also got their Washable Silk Notch Collar Blouse. It gives me that relaxed and clean everyday look that I love. And get this, it’s only $59.90! I’ve looked and other luxury brands are 4x that! I got it in a classic burgundy but I’m rushing to order it in EVERY color. I never want to take it off. I don’t know what I did before Quince

Should I Shop Quince?

If you haven’t already gone to the Quince website to start shopping, I don’t know what you’re doing. It’s the new place to shop classy, chic clothes that you’ve always dreamed of BUT at a great price. Quince is made for the silk lovers who have been searching for an affordable wardrobe. I can totally see why everyone is talking about Quince. I’m definitely a fan. 

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