Still Using Generic Toilet Paper?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve used your typical grocery store toilet paper – you know, the tree-made toilet paper with a hard texture and fraying ends. I consider myself fairly sustainable but had never thought about using tree-free toilet paper until I came across Seedling’s, bamboo-made toilet paper from Grove Collaborative. So, I decided to try it out and let me tell you – I will never be going back to regular TP. 

According to a study done by Last Object, approximately 27,000 trees are cut down every day just to make TP. Additionally, 7 billion rolls of toilet paper are sold in America each year – that’s an insane number of trees we’re cutting down just to source TP! I also found out that unlike trees which take about 20 years to grow back after being cut down, bamboo takes only 3 months to grow back after harvesting. A way more sustainable option. 

So, I went ahead and ordered Grove’s bamboo TP. As soon as it arrived in the mail I was impressed. The packaging was not only super cute but plastic-free and eco-friendly. And after using the bamboo TP for a week, I was converted. Contrary to belief, it was super soft on my skin. I also noticed that it lasted longer than the tree-made TP I was using before. It took me a week or two to go through an entire roll, which was unusual for me. Come to find out, Grove’s toilet paper has 20% more paper than other bamboo toilet papers. Plus, you don’t need to worry about flushing it down the toilet; it’s septic tank and sewer friendly! 

Personally, I won’t be going back to tree-made toilet paper for several reasons, but mainly because Grove’s bamboo TP gets the job done and is eco-friendly. I feel at peace knowing I’ve found a company I can finally support and get behind! Here were my favorite benefits after using the product: 

  • Extremely soft & durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Came in plastic-free packaging
  • Bamboo used is panda-friendly (not a source of food for panda bears)
  • Grove plants one tree for every 100 rolls sold

If you’re looking to make an easy, sustainable swap, I highly recommend you check out Seedling by Grove Collaborative. 

Try Grove Today!

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