This linen bedding keeps selling out — here’s why

I love how linen looks and feels but finding good quality linen bedding that is actually AFFORDABLE was such a struggle… until I found Quince. I saw an ad online, checked out the site and I’m obsessed. Quince has 100% European Flax Linen bedding for half the price of other brands. Linen bedding for less than $100?? Insane. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

What is Quince?
Bottom line – Quince is the answer to all my prayers. They make luxury pieces that are actually affordable because they – like me – don’t believe nice things have to cost a lot. Quince cuts down on cost and cuts out the middleman by delivering your items straight to your door from the factory. They save money with minimal packaging and corporate overheads and they pass on all those savings to you – AKA you get super high-quality items for less. I seriously can’t stop smiling. 

What Do I Get?

I’ve been trying to find linen bedding that I like, looks cute, is great quality BUT doesn’t go over my budget. I was so excited when I found Quince. I just recently ordered their 100% European Flax Linen bedding and I am IN LOVE. The quality of the material is exactly like the expensive versions from brands like Pottery Barn and RH. I can literally feel how well it’s made and can tell this linen will last forever. It’s washable, breathable, yet insulating. It’s comfortable all year-round. It’s free of harmful chemicals and toxins. It’s pre-washed to be super soft and it honestly just gets softer over time. I got it in white, but there’s stunning colors like charcoal, terracotta, and sand. And get this, the Quince linen bedding starts at under $100!! Which is insane because it’s probably the best quality linen I have ever owned. Also not to mention, there’s free shipping and returns! I just can’t get over the feeling, the quality, the cost, EVERYTHING. 

Who Should Shop Quince?

Quince is perfect for the gals who love a cozy, chic room or have been wanting to give their bedroom a glow up. I personally had always wanted linen bedding but could never find it in my budget. But thanks to Quince, I now have my dream bedroom.

You have to check Quince. 10/10, highly recommend.

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