We Tried the 5 Best TikTok Hacks for Odor Down There

It’s finally summer, and you know what that means! Temperatures are increasing, and so is the unpleasant odor coming from ALL OVER my body. Pits, feet, butt, and worst of all…“down there.” I was getting tired of constantly worrying about my smell, so I decided to turn to TikTok to see if there were some good “Life Hacks” that could help me with my odor situation.

Below I’ve listed the 5 most popular hacks that I could find! Unsurprisingly, most of them were questionable (putting baking soda down there? really?), but one hack actually worked WONDERS!

1. LUMĒ’s Whole Body Deodorant (literally the best thing I’ve ever bought)

This is the only thing on this list that truly works! You can put this stuff anywhere–and I do mean anywhere. Underarms, underboobs, feet, butt, and even “down there!”

I know what you’re thinking, “There’s no way you can actually put deodorant ‘down there’!”

Trust me, I thought the same thing! But Lumē’s whole body deodorant is made by an OBGYN, so you can trust that it’s safe to put everywhere, especially down in your nether-regions. It works as a pre-odorant that stops in their tracks the bad bacteria that causes the odor, before the odor ever has a chance to begin, and it controls odor for up to 72 hours!

Update: LUMĒ is giving our readers an amazing deal on their starter pack: It includes a deodorant bar and a cream deodorant, then you get a free pack of wipes, a free Acidified Body Wash, and free shipping!

Seriously run, don’t walk, to go GET THIS AMAZING DEAL!

2. Eating Pineapple

This is one of the most common “hacks” for odor down there, but honestly it didn’t work for me. I ate an entire pineapple, and all it did was make my tongue tingly. 

3. Using Scented Feminine Products

Some people suggest to use scented products down there, and while this might work for some people, it just didn’t work for me at all. Not only are scented feminine products more expensive, but they often aren’t really safe for down there–especially if you have sensitive skin like me. That’s why I love that Lumē (the deodorant from #1) was made by an OBGYN because even though the deodorant is scented, I know it’s still safe for me to use “down there!”

4.Bathe in Baking Soda

Contrary to popular belief, I am actually not a cake. Why would I want to put baking soda anywhere near my privates? That’s a no from me. 

5. Taking Supplements 

While I do believe that taking supplements is a great thing to do for your health, I am awful at remembering to take my vitamins–let alone a supplement to make me smell better “down there.” Until I get better about remembering to take my daily vitamins, this hack just didn’t seem promising for me.

In the end, the only real solution I found was the Lumē deodorant! I can’t recommend this stuff enough, and it’s definitely going to be a new staple in my life. Don’t let your odor control your life this summer, ladies. Go check out Lumē

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