This Is Why My Girlfriend Loves To Sleep Over

After owning the same mattresses through college and well over 10 years, I felt like the adult thing to do was to buy a new one. 

After doing my research — I decided on a Nectar mattress. Nectar has 6 layers of memory foam comfort and a 365 day, risk free trial. Sold! I ended up choosing the king size mattress and it came with free sheets and pillows. 

My first night’s sleep alone on this mattress was a dream. 

Since I bought this Nectar mattress, my girlfriend has slept over every night and is obsessed to say the least. She may like it more than she likes me. But I have to admit, this mattress is perfect for us — it doesn’t cave in when we’re both on it, it doesn’t get hot and when she gets up for work at 6am, I don’t feel the bed move. 

My girlfriend sleeps over every night but I can safely say this is the best sleep of my life and so can she! We used to have sleepovers a few times a week because we both preferred sleeping in our own beds and that is no longer the case. 

My old mattress used to cave in when both of us slept on it and boy, have we moved on to bigger and better things! A good mattress can make a world of a difference in your night’s sleep and I can confidently say my girlfriend and I are hooked on this Nectar mattress. 

If you’re in search of your best sleep on a mattress to share with your partner, trust me when I say, go for Nectar! 

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