The best pillow of 2020: See why everyone is obsessed

Why is it so difficult to find the perfect pillow? I would wake up with pain in my shoulder and neck from sleeping on my side and stomach every morning. I knew I couldn’t be the only side sleeper so I began my search for the best pillow.

I tried multiple pillows from stores and ordering online, then saw the Zoey Curve pillow as I scrolled my Instagram feed! I was really impressed by the curvature in the pillow so my shoulder wouldn’t be positioned weird all night! 

You can even adjust the softness and firmness! It comes with a drawstring bag so you can adjust the shredded memory foam inside the pillow. Just unzip, and take some out if you want it softer, and fill it back up for firmer.

After sleeping with the Zoey Curve pillow for a few months, I wake up comfortable and my sleep has definitely improved. I even got a few pillows for my parents and they are obsessed! I wish I found this pillow sooner, it’s absolutely incredible. 

We contacted Zoey Sleep and we partnered to give our readers 15% off with code “BLOG” at checkout!

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