Review: Mothers love this personal safety gadget

My girlfriends have been raving about the SafeHoney personal alarm, saying they carry it everywhere they go and how confident they feel with it. Since I live in Los Angeles, I walk my dog alone at night and go for hikes. I knew I needed a safety gadget so I made a mental note to check out SafeHoney! After making my way to their website, I found out that SafeHoney is a cute little alarm for women that is made to deter attacks. If the top tab is pulled, it sounds a loud alarm and flashes a strobe light. 

I caved and ordered 3 SafeHoney alarms on the spot! It sounded impressive and all my friends were attaching their SafeHoney’s to their keys and purse. 

The alarms arrived in a cute little box with snap clips so I could attach them to anything. Within a few minutes I attached 1 to my car keys, and gave the 2 others to my daughters. Attaching the SafeHoney to my keys gave me a feeling of confidence. My daughters were so happy to have them since they walk around their college campuses late at night. 

Fast- forward, I’ve had my SafeHoney alarm for about a month now and no doubt I feel more confident when I’m walking to my car alone, walking my dog, or just on a hike.  My daughters thankfully haven’t had to use it yet but it gives me peace of mind knowing they have it with them. 

Since purchasing my SafeHoney alarms, I’ve been able to convince my friends and family members that they need to grab their own SafeHoney. We all have SafeHoney alarms now and we love them! My daughters love how lightweight it is and how loud it can be if they ever need to use it. 

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