Review: I started using Disco and stopped looking like a Zombie

Looking in my mirror in the morning used to be terrifying. I had dark circles under my eyes, patches of dry skin all over the place. For the longest time I thought this is just the face that I was stuck with, but then I started using Disco, and I’m pretty impressed.

My roommate recommended Disco to me after he got it as a gift from his girlfriend. Disco is first and foremost a men’s skin care product, and you know, it feels nice to have a product that I know is made for me. They have tons of different products: Face Cleanser Stick, Face Scrub, Face Mask, Face Moisturizer. You can order sets, which come with different combos of the products.

BUT! My favorite product I’ve gotten from Disco so far is probably the Eye Stick. It’s this tiny tube with a metal ball at the end, and you rub it under your eyes to reduce swelling and get rid of those heinous eye bags. I know next to nothing about skincare, but I couldn’t believe how well this little stick worked, so I had to do some research. 

Apparently, the Eye Stick contains Niacinamide, Pycnogenol, and get this, caffeine. It’s like an espresso shot for my eyes. All three are naturally sourced ingredients, and they don’t gunk up my skin like other creams do. My under eyes just look smooth and even toned now. And it only took a few weeks.

Pro-tip: put the Eye Stick in the freezer! The metal ball gets all cold and it feels so good under your eye. 

The best part of Disco though, is how easy it’s been to work it into my budget. Disco is super affordable. If you buy more than $60 worth or skin care products they’ll ship it to you for free! 

If you sign up for their subscription, you get 20% off! That’s high quality, natural skincare products delivered straight to your door for 20% off. If you can say no to that, you’re a stronger man than me. 

Check out Disco here!

Get The Disco Eye Stick

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