4 Ways to Reduce Belly Stretch Marks

If stretch marks bother you, you’re not alone. Women’s desire to reduce stretch marks is definitely a hot topic. Here are some of the ways I want to share that can help reduce stretch marks:

  1. Maelys B-FLAT

Listen up, ladies. This is the most effective one out of the list.

The B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream is clinically proven to improve the look of your belly. Tons of women have said it worked for them and the best part is, it’s under $50!

As I am writing this, there are 7063 reviews from women who have used Maelys B-FLAT before and saw great results. Many of them have shared pictures and it’s clearly very effective!

Here is what it does:

  • Fades stretch marks 
  • Gives a firmer-looking belly
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • 93% saw the skin on their belly appear smoother

Check out these results from actual women who used B-FLAT:

How to use:

Apply a generous layer of the cream onto the belly area. Massage it into the skin in circular motions until it’s fully absorbed. That’s it! Just use it twice a day for best results.

EDIT: Best of all, they off a 60-Day money-back guarantee and there’s a 10% discount currently (Use coupon code BIKINI10). If it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back! (They also offer free returns too)

Pro Tip: Get the 3 pack they have and it’s only $35 a bottle. Use the 10% code and it’s only $31.5 a bottle!

Try it and leave a comment below to let me know how it worked for you!

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2. Boost anti-oxidants through exercise

Exercise promotes anti-oxidants and provides blood flow to stimulate new collagen. Although it can help, it won’t repair damaged collagen.

3. Stop smoking

Smoking can affect the blood supply to your skin. It gets thinner and more likely to sag. The nicotine can damage the fibers in your skin which causes it to lose elasticity and strength.

4. Laser therapy

Lasers deliver focused light to the skin. Depending on what kind of laser is used, treatment could increase collagen production and help stretch marks fade. Although it’s effective, it’s not a permanent solution and the cost per treatment could easily be several thousand dollars.

  1. I have actually tried Maelys b-flat before and took less than 2 weeks to see great results. Believe me when I said that I have tried everything else out there after giving birth to my 2 kids. Over a month, I was able to pretty much get my pre-pregnancy belly back. For the price too, it’s literally the best option.

  2. that Maelys stuff works so well! my sister told me about it and I used it once a day. The results are very noticeable and it’s a life-saver for my confidence!

  3. I was talking about this Maelys cream with a few friends a while ago and they got me to try it because it worked so well for them. It really does work! Get the 3 pack and it’s like $35 a bottle and that will last you a long time. Believe me, this is much easier than getting laser treatment.

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