WILLO vs. Nutrafol: Which Hair Supplement Should You Buy?

A few months ago, I noticed my hair starting to thin – especially on my scalp. But when I tried looking for a hair health supplement, I was overwhelmed by my options. I ended up narrowing my search down to just 2 brands: O Positiv’s WILLO and Nutrafol

Only question is… which one is better?


Both WILLO and Nutrafol contain super high-quality, natural, clinically-studied hair-supporting ingredients like Saw Palmetto Extract and Zinc. However, Nutrafol is basically a super multivitamin designed to target the normal causes of poor hair health. While this can work, it often takes a long time to see results. 

WILLO is different. It contains a clinically-studied complex called Lustriva®, which contains biotin (a vital B vitamin involved in the synthesis of hair, skin & nails), silicon (a mineral found in healthy hair, skin & nails) & arginine (an essential amino acid involved in healthy blood flow). One study found Lustriva® was 40 times more absorbable than regular D-biotin (found in most hair supplements – including Nutrafol).1

Bottom line: Both brands have amazing ingredients, but Lustriva® makes WILLO a game-changer.


According to Nutrafol’s own clinical study, women showed results in 3-6 months, with better results after 6 months. In contrast, according to one clinical study, Lustriva® alone increased hair growth by nearly 20% – in just 3 weeks.2 And based on reviews I found on Amazon, some people started seeing results in as little as 10 days with WILLO. 

Bottom line: Both brands will deliver great results for hair growth and hair thickness, but WILLO can deliver results in less than a month (compared to 3-6 months for Nutrafol).


Nutrafol is 4 (rather large) daily capsules.

WILLO is just 2 easy-to-swallow daily capsules.

Bottom line: WILLO comes out ahead here with just 2 daily capsules.


OK, let’s get to the elephant in the room: price. No question both WILLO and Nutrafol are on the expensive side (which makes sense considering the high-quality and clinically-studied ingredients). However, let’s break this down on a monthly basis:

BRANDOne-time (no sub)1-month (sub)Best Deal
Nutrafol$88.00$79.006 month subscription: 
WILLO$69.99$59.993 month subscription:

Bottom line: With WILLO, you can save as much as $16/month with their best deal – that’s up to $192/year!


Based on criteria like ingredients, results, ease of use, and affordability, WILLO is the clear winner – especially if you’re looking to see results fast at a more affordable price. 

1 Kalman DS, Hewlings SJ. A Randomized Double-Blind Evaluation of a Novel Biotin and Silicon Ingredient Complex on the Hair and Skin of Healthy Women. J Clin Exp Dermatol Res. 2021;12(1)1-7. doi: 10.35248/2155-9554.21.12.551.2 Ibid.

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