Who Gives a Crap’s 100% Recycled Toilet Paper: Wiping Away Guilt with Eco-Friendly Comfort!

Hey there, fellow bathroom aficionados! Today, I’m here to share my thoughts on a product that has truly brought joy to my everyday potty adventures: Who Gives a Crap’s 100% Recycled Toilet Paper. Now, let’s dive into the fluffy details!

Wipe away the guilt!

First off, let me give a shoutout to Mother Earth for smiling down upon us while we enjoy this eco-friendly TP. Who Gives a Crap has taken recycled paper to a whole new level, transforming it into a soft and gentle bathroom companion. It’s a win-win situation: your tush stays happy, and you contribute to saving trees. It’s like guilt gets wiped away with each use!


The packaging itself is a true feast for the eyes. Bursting with vibrant colors and quirky designs, each roll of Who Gives a Crap is like a little work of art. I’ll admit, I’ve caught myself marveling at the patterns before realizing I actually needed to use it. It’s the perfect conversation starter for those awkward bathroom moments with guests!


Speaking of usage, let’s address the elephant in the bathroom. The TP passes the ultimate test with flying colors. It’s impressively strong and surprisingly soft, ensuring a comfortable and tear-free experience. No more worrying about unfortunate accidents or unruly fingers poking through. Who Gives a Crap has got your backside covered, quite literally!

Delivery Mishaps

Let’s address a minor setback that occasionally flushes our high hopes down the drain. On a couple of occasions, we found ourselves in a pinch with an empty TP stock when our order from Who Gives a Crap didn’t arrive on schedule. It’s a bummer to have to reach out to their support team when our subscription gets lost in limbo and fails to ship. It would be fantastic if they took a more proactive approach instead of leaving it to us to inquire about the missing order. Nonetheless, when the subscription service functions smoothly, it’s truly fantastic!

The Bottomline

Overall, Who Gives a Crap’s 100% Recycled Toilet Paper has won my heart (and my bottom!). It combines eco-consciousness with comfort and style, making bathroom trips an absolute delight. With its softness, strength, and commitment to sustainability, this TP is a winner in my book. Just make sure to keep an eye on your subscription to avoid any unexpected bathroom emergencies. Who Gives a Crap? They sure do, and they’ve nailed it!

So, my fellow TP enthusiasts, why not give this recycled gem a whirl? Your bathroom routine will never be the same again, and you’ll be doing your part to make the world a greener and happier place, one roll at a time. Cheers to Who Gives a Crap and all the behind-the-scenes toilet paper heroes!

Experience the eco-friendly luxury of Who Gives a Crap’s 100% Recycled Toilet Paper. Grab a pack of 24 rolls for a mere $38, or double your satisfaction with 48 rolls for a wallet-friendly $62!

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