Toning My Body Was So Easy With This!

I’ve been trying to sculpt my abs and get toned for the past year, and even though I was pushing as hard as I could at the gym, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Getting toned is ⅓ working out and ⅔ nutrition, so I decided to switch up what I was eating after my workouts to see if I noticed a difference. After trying a bunch of generic proteins and seeing no results while worrying I’m drinking unnecessary carbs for my body, I did some research and found Gainful. What interested me about this brand was that they have a completely personalized nutrition system: Personalized Protein Powder, Hydration and Pre-Workout. Each product is formulated to your specific body and goals, exactly what I was looking for.

How it works

Once I was ready to order, I went to I took a quiz and told the Gainful team a little bit more about my lifestyle: how often I workout, how much I sleep, my dietary restrictions. They used that information to create a protein powder with the perfect blend of protein, amino acids and carbohydrates for my body. I love that it’s made specifically for me, and I can feel confident that I am taking supplements that are right for my body. And get this, Gainful shipped my order for free! When I received my package, I was able to reach out to a registered dietitian, who answered all my questions and gave me tips on how to maximize my results with Gainful. So you get your personalized protein AND the support and guidance you need for your fitness journey. I was so excited to workout and get started with Gainful.

My experience

Personalized Pre-Workout: We all know that pre-workout anxiety. As you’re leaving for the gym, all you want to do is get back on the couch and binge watch your favorite TV show. But Gainful’s Personalized Pre-Workout gives me the energy I need to start those late afternoon workouts. It’s got the perfect amount of caffeine to wake me up and amino acids that jumpstart my body’s recovery process, so I don’t feel as drained at the end of my workout. Now, the gym is one of my favorite places. Crazy, I know.

Personalized Hydration Powder: The Personalized Hydration Powder is seriously a lifesaver! I get so dehydrated so quickly. I feel like I spend half my time at the gym thinking about drinking water (especially when doing cardio). Gainful’s Hydration Powder keeps me feeling refreshed and hydrated the whole time I’m working out, which means less trips to the water fountain and more time working out. 

Personalized Protein Powder: As soon as I’m home from the gym I mix up a Gainful Protein Shake. It tastes incredible. I’ve tried pasty, tasteless protein shakes in the past, but I could drink Gainful all day! The protein powder itself is flavorless, but it comes with flavoring powders so I can choose exactly what I want it to taste like. My go-tos? The Caffè Mocha satisfies my addiction to coffee, but the Chocolate Peanut Butter is my favorite, because how could that ever be bad? But most importantly, I know this protein is made to help me tone and recover faster, so I can workout again the next day with just as much energy. I’m sculpting my body daily, and I actually feel good when doing it. 


Yesterday, I was at the gym for two hours. Two hours! I have never felt strong enough to workout this much before. I am seeing progress and feeling my body change.  My abs are peaking through, but more importantly, I feel stronger. If you’re not seeing results with your current workouts and protein powder, then you need to try Gainful. I’ve never felt tighter, healthier, and more excited for my next workout, thanks to Gainful!

Visit to take the quiz and see what blend is right for you!

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