Tired Of Heartburn? I Tried This And I Feel SO Much Better

As the girl who carries a full-sized tub of antacids in her purse, I know how annoying it is to deal with acid reflux and heartburn. It holds you back from eating the foods you love, it keeps you up at night and it’s not the easiest thing to get rid of once it arrives.

I’ve tried countless, OTC antacid medications and nothing has been a long-term fix.  A friend recommended I try Evens — an online website that offers long-lasting relief for everything to do with heartburn.

I googled their website excitedly and found that Evens offers OTC and Rx strength options and has a team of doctors to put you in touch with if you’re looking for a prescription. This really caught my attention because I’ve tried most OTC heartburn relief options without much success. I knew an Rx would be the next step for finding a solution that actually offered long-term relief.

After my consultation, the Evens doctors recommended I go with the Rx Omeprazole and their antacids. I’m about 2 weeks in and I no longer get heartburn and acid reflux. I’ve eaten Mexican food and pizza as a test to really see if my prescription really works and no heartburn! 

The best part is, my prescription offers long-lasting relief and I don’t have to worry about taking an antacid after every meal…one pill lasts all day. 

There is no need to suffer with heartburn because Evens is affordable, easy to use and the ordering process is so seamless. It’s made nights out and trying new food so much more enjoyable.

Coming from someone who’s been there, if you have heartburn save your time and energy, Evens is the way to go!

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