The BIG 40

Every birthday is a celebration but there are certain birthdays that need to be celebrated a little bit more. This month my husband turns FORTY. I have been planning the celebrations for a few months now. We started celebrating in Mexico at the end of June with his college friends. We stayed at a great All Inclusive and enjoyed sunshine and good friendship.

For Lazz’s second birthday celebration I am hosting a dinner for our dearest friends. My parents used to host “What’s It” dinners when I was younger. I never participated as I was always the server or sous chef. This time I will enjoy the word puzzles and laughter with friends.

For his third celebration we will celebrate in LAS VEGAS. This has been a birthday tradition for 5 years, I think we have finally celebrated enough in Vegas and maybe this will be the last year with a large group. We have a group of 20-30 people who plan on joining us.

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