Technology for the Modern Business Woman

I am so thankful for doing business in this decade. There are so many marketing tools that make business run smoothly. If you are just starting your business these are my all time favorite apps!

1. Fiverr

This app is life changing. We all have digital items we need and have no idea how to make them happen. Yes google and YouTube can get you so far but you have to have the time to do it. Now I jump on fiverr and find someone to create my project. I’ve had stickers, gifs, sketches, artwork for bags and lots more designed. My favorite designer is xxxx. He always delivers an amazing product!

2. Planoly

Instagram is exhausting. Keeping up with posting as often as every website recommends is impossible. I suggest really thinking of content and try to post 3 times a week. This app allows me to sequence several weeks out at a time. I can see exactly what it looks like and get my “flow”. I can always find the time to plan IG while sitting in the passenger seat of my vehicle or arriving early for kids pick up.

3. Unfold

This app has so much potential for my business but I cannot find the time to design on it very often. If you have some extra time I would pay for the yearly subscription and really work on your stories. They can be a very important part of your business 🙂

4. Canva

If you don’t have a marketing team and have never designed a flyer, business card, or letterhead look no further. They have so many free templates that are great and their paid templates are very reasonable. I design all my IG sayings and flyers on this. If you pay for the app which is $8.99 a month you can select your brand colors and font and use them as a default!

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