Review: Why I love getting my shoes from ShoeDazzle

I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of shoes for a long time, but really didn’t want to spend too much on just one pair. I heard from a friend about ShoeDazzle, and not only did they have exactly what I was looking for, but so many other cute and affordable styles! I was able to get the perfect pair of chunky boots, strappy heels and some casual sneakers without spending hundreds of dollars. I actually saved more money than I thought! 

Wanna save cash on cute shoes? I’ve got you covered!

Thanks to ShoeDazzle, I tried so many styles that I thought I’d never be able to pull off!

ShoeDazzle offers a VIP membership that is completely personalized to your taste and style. Once you become a VIP member, you can get your first pair of shoes for as low as $10! Also, each month, I’m given a personalized showroom with access to new arrivals of different shoes and outfits, up to 30% off the original retail price! As much as I love shoes, I’m really indecisive when it comes to picking just one pair. So, I love that they have a membership where I can obsess over the new monthly trends and keep growing my wardrobe. And there’s no obligation to buy either!

This membership changed my shoe game – it has helped me make my wardrobe so much more versatile and stylish. I love putting my friends on a good deal when it comes to fashion, so this is the one you won’t want to miss!

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