Review: I get the best sleep with my Awara mattress

 A coworker was raving to me about their Awara mattress claiming it was the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had. I knew I was in dire need of a new mattress so I made a mental note in my head to check out Awara. After making my way to their website I found that Awara is made of natural materials like cooling, Dunlop Latex foam, fitted with individually wrapped coils for pressure relief and even comes with a 365 day trial. 

I caved and ordered an Awara mattress on the spot! It sounded impressive and my coworker gave it a 5-star review but I would be the judge. 

The mattress arrived in a box and made it a breeze to carry up to my apartment. Within a few hours, it was spread out, plush and ready to go. When I say it felt like jumping on to a cloud, I was not prepared for how comfortable this mattress would be! It’s medium-firm bounce was perfect and it felt cool to the touch. Such a glow up considering my old mattress caved in on one side and left me to wake up with aches and pains every morning. 

Fast-forward, I’ve had my Awara mattress for about a month now no doubt this is the best sleep of my life! Awara’s individually wrapped coils provide pressure relief and I no longer wake up with aches and pains anymore. My girlfriend sleeps over all the time now because she loves how comfortable this mattress is and we both sleep well. My coworker was right, this is easily the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had and the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on no exaggeration!

Since purchasing my Awara mattress, I’ve been able to convince my parents and my brother that they need to upgrade their mattresses and it’s become a family love affair. We all have Awara mattresses and we love them!  My mom loves Awara’s chemical-free and organic materials and she’s right, everything about this mattress from the latex foam, to the organic materials to the 365 day trial is a win.

Try out an Awara mattress, here. 

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