Women are obsessed with these personalized vitamins, so we tried it out…

I don’t think anyone will fault me for saying – modern-day vitamin shopping is a miserable experience. As a health-conscious individual, I like to think that I’m good at checking labels and consulting articles to make sure I’m always doing right by my body. But I draw the line at the vitamin aisle. It takes hours of internet research to figure out – Which vitamins help with what? What’s the best dosage for me? What’s the difference between B6 and B12? And even if you figure that out, your reward is that you get to cram half-a-dozen massive pill bottles in your already-cramped bathroom cabinets? The whole process turned me off the idea of having a vitamin routine. 

And then I discovered Persona. Here’s my honest review:

How it Works

First of all, Persona does all the busy work FOR you. Hallelujah! I visited their site and I was so excited about what I found. You take a quiz about your body, your lifestyle, and your needs – it’s pretty in-depth but it only took me about 5 minutes to get through. Then, Persona puts together a personalized supplement system for you based on your answers. They shipped my routine right to my door and they even separated out my vitamins into adorable little packets for day and night. No big, unwieldy bottles filled with hundreds of pills that I don’t need. No waste.

What I Loved

Some things I love about Persona: I love that I get access to a team of qualified nutritionists to help answer my questions – no more frantic Googling. I love that everything is designed by doctors and backed by science.  AND I love that my vitamin routine has actually been helping with my pain points, like my bloating and my energy. I don’t think I could have ever figured this out all by myself.

Why I Recommend It

Bottom line: If you’ve been a little hesitant to get into the world of personalized vitamins, Persona is the perfect way to get started. In fact, even if you already have a routine that you like, you should consider giving Persona a try too. They make the whole process super straightforward. It’s incredible that your order comes to your door monthly so you don’t even leave the house and it could actually help you with some of those stubborn health struggles you’ve been dealing with. Vitamin shopping doesn’t have to be stressful anymore! Thank you Persona!


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