Make Pride Month Year-Round with These Three Art Pieces

Pride month may be over, but my gay self is still proud as hell! Additionally, my apartment walls have been so sad and barren ever since I moved in three months ago, so I needed to find some great artwork to liven the place up. Luckily, I found this awesome site called Mixtiles that has great artwork that comes framed and sticks to your walls without nails! Here are some of my favorites I found:

Pride Fi by Viktor Hertz

A classic rainbow, with a twist! I love the colors and contrast in this one.

Pride Men by Javier Perez

This one reminds me of my favorite movie, 500 Days of Summer, but even better because its gay!

Thunder Rainbow by Rosi Feist

Loving the colors in this one, and I feel like a lightning bolt is honestly more appropriate for my personality than a rainbow.

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