Is Cerebral the Mental Health Solution We’ve All Been Waiting For?

 We’ve begun to slowly emerge from the depths of pandemic life, and I for one have noticed that processing this last year has taken a huge toll on my mental health. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that everyone is going through this massive, traumatizing event at the same time. I knew I needed to get some help, but didn’t know where to start looking! 

I’m so lucky my friend told me about Cerebral. Cerebral is an online mental health service that provides care counseling, remote therapy sessions, and prescription medication delivery as part of a monthly subscription. I’ve been using Cerebral for a few months now, and these are my overall thoughts.

What Makes Cerebral Different:

I’ve always found traditional mental health care to be a hassle. It’s so hard to find a therapist that you actually connect with. That’s one reason why Cerebral is so great– you get to take a short quiz when you sign up that assesses your mental health needs, so if therapy isn’t for you there are other options. Because Cerebral is online, I’m able to schedule virtual sessions with my Care Counselors from anywhere. They work with me one on one to develop an ongoing treatment plan, which can include counseling, medication, psychiatric services, and cognitive behavioral therapy exercises. It’s super affordable, and you’re able to sign up with or without insurance!

My Take:

My favorite part of Cerebral is how personalized my experience has been. They have different treatment plans available based on what sort of support you need. For me, that was Medication and Care Counseling, but they also have plans that include just therapy, or medication and therapy. I have weekly sessions with my care counselor, and my prescription is sent straight to my door. It’s so nice not having to go to the pharmacy, and I’m so much more relaxed now that I know I’ll have the medication I need! 

Another huge bonus of Cerebral is that you can text your care team at any time. The Cerebral app has a secure messaging platform, where I’m able to message with my Care Counselor if I have a question about my treatment, my medication, or what other options are available to me through Cerebral. They are always willing to talk about how my plans and goals are changing.

The Bottom Line: 

After using Cerebral to treat my depression and anxiety, I can wholeheartedly say that I am so impressed. For the first time ever, getting help with my mental health doesn’t feel like a strain on my time or wallet. I highly recommend Cerebral. It was definitely the mental healthcare solution that I’ve been waiting for. 

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