I used this at-home test to see what food I’m sensitive to

I have had food sensitivities for as long as I can remember. I usually get stomach aches and an overall feeling of tiredness and brain fog. But, after getting tested, nothing was severe enough to be treated as full-blown allergies so my doctor just shrugged off the issue. 

After that, I began taking matters into my own hands and started the elimination diet when I realized dairy was a trigger and always led to a stomach ache. So I cut it out of my diet and I felt better but still not great. 

For my birthday, my mom got me an Everlywell food sensitivity test! She’s been along the entire journey with me and we were both really excited to see what the test would share.

The Everlywell food sensitivity test measures your body’s response to 96 foods groups in the comfort of your home with a simple finger prick. Everlywell uses state of the art collection methods, certified labs, and has a team of board-certified physicians to review every test they receive. 

They then mark your food sensitivities as normal, mild, moderate, and high. They recommend using the elimination diet to cut out foods that test mild, moderate, and high. 

When my results came back, I was shocked. My IG showed reactivity to 18 foods. 

Cow’s milk or dairy which I have always avoided, was only mild. Meanwhile, gluten was moderate, tomato was moderate, and almonds were high. Along with a list of other foods at the mild mark. As someone who regularly eats wheat toast with almond butter for breakfast, this test made so much sense as to why my stomach aches and chronic fatigue persisted. 

In the past month since getting my food sensitivity results back, I immediately noticed a difference in the way I felt when I changed my diet based on my results. Toast with almond butter for breakfast was the first thing to go! 

Overall, I feel so much better, I don’t get stomach aches anymore and I have so much energy.  

This Everlywell test is hands down the best gift I’ve ever gotten. They also have an indoor and outdoor allergy test which I plan on getting my mom for her birthday.

If you are suffering from food sensitivities, don’t ignore it! I’m so happy I used Everlywell to learn about my food sensitivities before developing full allergies. I feel dramatically better since making their recommended changes to my diet.

Knowledge is power and I recommend Everlywell to everyone suffering from food sensitivities!
Try Everlywell’s Food Sensitivity Test, here.

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