I tried the magic mascara TikTok can’t stop raving about…

I had almost completely given up on finding the best mascara of all time.

I’ve tried hundreds in my lifetime, and no matter the price or brand, they all seem to have the same problems: they leave my lashes looking short and clumpy, and by the end of the day I can’t escape the smear and smudge.

Everything changed when I saw Thrive Causemetics’ Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara going viral on TikTok. I was skeptical at first, but its large cult following was impossible to ignore.

Here are 3 reasons why this is hands-down the best mascara I have EVER tried.

  1. Everyone thinks I got lash extensions 

There are a lot of things that make this mascara unique, but one of my favorites is the Flake-Free Tubing Technology™. The before and afters speak for themselves–I didn’t know my lashes could look this long! I immediately trashed all of my falsies.

  1. No smudging, smearing, or end-of-day racoon eyes

While the Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara isn’t technically waterproof, it is water resistant. I did a LOT in this mascara–walked in the rain, went to the gym, shed a few tears–it  survived it all. No smudge, smear OR flake in sight, and by the end of the day it still looked as good as when I applied it. 

  1. Easiest mascara removal 

The tubing effect doesn’t just ensure incredible length; it also makes the mascara incredibly easy to remove. Gone are the days of scrubbing soap and makeup remover into your eyes–just a bit of warm water and the tubes slide right off. So satisfying

It turns out that the perfect mascara does exist, and it’s called Liquid Lash Extensions. I’m obsessed and cannot recommend it enough–go see for yourself!

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