I refuse to shop online without this

I am an avid online shopper because firstoff, it’s satisfying but more importantly, so convenient and I’m able to save more money online than when I shop in stores. You’re probably wondering how? Isn’t the stuff online the same price as what’s in-store? Yes, but I can’t use my Honey tool in store! 

Honey is an online browser extension that automatically scans everything in your cart for coupons before purchasing to ensure that you’re getting a good deal. Honey is able to find me discount codes to my favorite stores where you know sales are few and far between. 

Along with saving you money when you shop, shoppers are able to earn money back with Honey and redeem that for gift cards to their favorite stores like Nordstrom, Target or Pottery Barn. 

I ordered some new workout clothes last week and Honey saved me $21 and I didn’t have to do anything! I wouldn’t have thought twice about paying that extra $21 before Honey and now I have an iced coffee budget for the week with the money I was able to save. 

Honey offers a drop list to notify you when something you’re looking for goes on sale. I wanted an at-home gel nail kit but didn’t want to pay $100. Honey notified me when it went on sale and I got the same kit I was looking at for $66. 

I’ve been using Honey for a few months now and I have already saved around $200. It’s insane, especially because Honey does all the work and I get to save money. I have a hard time shopping in-store now because I just think about the money I would save if I bought it with Honey.

If you’re not using Honey for your online shopping, what are you doing? 

Download the Honey browser extensions, here! 

Download Honey Now!

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