How is how I save for vacations

I’m good at a lot of things but saving money is not one of those. I’m not reckless but I could definitely have more money saved. 

In my search for money saving tips, I came across the Digit app. Digit analyzes your spending and automatically saves the perfect amount everyday so you don’t have to think about it. 

My goal is to have a good savings set aside for a rainy day but I think I have a hard time with the fact that it’s not a tangible goal to work towards like a car or a vacation. 

Digit sounded perfect for someone like me so I downloaded their app and got my first month free. 

Since downloading Digit, they have saved $112 to my rainy day fund and I haven’t even noticed.  It’s easily worked with my budget and it’s much more successful than if I was trying on my own.

Digit has overdraft protection so if they take too much money from your account, they’ll cover the bank fee. I’ve used other money-saving apps in the past that have overdrawn my account multiple times, depleting my savings to pay off the bank fees. Digit also offers 256-bit encryption, the same level as the military so your finances are secure and protected. 

Overdrafts and compromising my finances were my biggest worries before trying Digit, and those have been easily squashed by the precautions they have in place. 

Digit is $5 a month and it’s an easy investment towards my future. As I’ve saved more money, I find that it’s become easier and easier since it’s exciting to see the number in my savings grow. 

If you struggle with saving, Digit is the answer and it requires very little work on your part. I’m so much smarter with my finances because of it! 

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