How I get my favorite shoes for amazing prices!

I get complimented and asked about my shoes all the time. Want to know my secret? It’s Shoedazzle.

With Shoedazzle’s VIP membership, you get access to all their new arrivals, hundreds of different shoes and clothing styles up to 30% off retail prices. There’s no obligation to buy – you can choose to shop or skip by the 5th of each month or get charged $39.95, which is a credit that can go towards your next purchase. You can cancel your membership whenever, no pressure.

Right now, Shoedazzle is having the most insane promo for new members where you can get a new pair of shoes starting at $10 when you sign up for a VIP membership! 

When I think of what I can get for $10, it’s my coffee for a couple days. Not a pair of shoes!

But with Shoedazzle’s promo, new customers that sign up for a VIP membership can get any pair of shoes on the website starting at $10! Boots, sandals, pumps, flats, heels – they have something for everyone and every occasion. I told my sister to sign up and she ordered a pair of leopard print booties for $10 and now I definitely know what shoes I’m using this month’s credit on! 

I’ve had my Shoedazzle membership for a few months now and it’s my favorite monthly thing I do for myself! As a shoe lover, I can get high-quality, affordable, new shoes every month. Shoedazzle has so many stylish and fun options, and I love being in charge of my membership.

Shoedazzle’s promo for shoes from $10 for new customers is one of their best offerings. Trust me, you do not want to miss out! 

Get your first pair of shoes from $10, here. 

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