How I Finally Got Rid Of My Hormonal Acne

Every time I am PMSing or on my period, I am a literal pepperoni pizza. Between the two of those hormonal peaks, my face is completely acne infested two weeks of every month! AKA basically half of my life is lived with terrible acne. I tried basically everything to try to get rid of my zits, from topical creams to face masks to prescription pills. Nothing worked and I was exhausted, but nonetheless I persisted. In the words of Taylor Swift, “This is Me Trying”:

 Then one day, exasperated and nearly hopeless, I did some research and found one potential solution that I had not yet tried: FLO PMS Gummy Vitamins. Because of my checkered past with “easy” fixes, I was pretty sceptical at first– like, a cute little pink gummy vitamin is really supposed to conquer my red, bulging pimples? But after visiting their website, I was willing to give it a try. I loved that all of the ingredients are non-GMO and plant based. Each ingredient is designed to help with a range of period symptoms, like bloating, mood swings, and cramps, in addition to (my worst offender) hormonal acne. So, I took the leap and bought a bottle.

After eating my FLO gummies (which by the way, is actually DELICIOUS) every day for 2 months, here are my results: 

Like, I’m sorry. Have you EVER seen skin this glowing?! So yeah, spoiler alert: I am obsessed with FLO gummies. As you can see, they’ve literally transformed my skin and I only wish that I had started taking them sooner. They’ve also totally reduced my period cramps and bloating– an added bonus that I am SO grateful for. Get your hands on some FLO Gummy Vitamins, ya hear?! 

Try FLO Vitamins

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