Honest review: This activewear subscription is worth it

I love finding new workout clothes because it does wonders for maintaining my motivation and discipline when it comes to my workouts. As you can imagine, workout clothes are expensive and this habit is very hard to maintain…

Until I discovered Fabletics!

Fabletics has the cutest, trendiest workout clothes on the market that are cost effective and such good quality! I was used to paying $100 for a pair of basic leggings and with Fabletics, I can get 2 for $24…$24!

It has been such an amazing discovery because the leggings wash well, hold everything in, come in the cutest styles, and they are so comfortable. I’m guilty of wearing them non-stop even on the days I don’t work out! 

Along with the leggings, I’ve purchased 3 matching sets from Fabletics and I get multiple compliments every time I wear them. Fabletics has sets for yoga and studio classes, as well as running and more high intensity activities. I run and do yoga, so I love having different sets to choose from with varying levels of support for my different activities. 

My favorite part about Fabletics is the quality you get at their really amazing price point. The leggings aren’t see-through, they wash well, and the fabric is breathable. There is no need to go and spend $100 on one pair of leggings because the quality of Fabletics is the same for a fraction of that! This is coming from the girl who only bought the plain $100 leggings because she believed the quality was better…I will not go back!

Fabletics wins for price-point, quality and style. There’s no doubt they have improved my workout routine. A new set is the best motivation in my eyes!

Luckily, with Fabletics’ prices, I can maintain this habit – so it’s a win-win! 
Try Fabletics and get two pairs of pants for $24, here!

Try your Pairs!!

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