Here’s why I love this mattress

My parents recently moved to a new house and with the move, my mom told me all of our old mattresses were getting tossed and upgraded. My mom is very much into sustainability and organic options whenever she is given the chance. So it was no surprise when she told me she decided on Awara mattresses; an organic latex, luxury mattress made with natural materials.

This mattress sounded right up my mom’s alley but since I was visiting my parents the next weekend, I was excited to see if the mattress was worthy of the hype. 

My first night sleeping in this Awara mattress was everything! Their memory foam was insanely comfortable and offered pressure relief and support to my entire body. My current mattress makes my back feel achy and one night on this mattress squashed that. The Awara mattress kept me cool because it’s wrapped in organic wool that promotes air-flow and cooling. 

Everything about it was good. 

I slept through the entire night like a baby and I left my parents house that weekend probably the most well rested I’ve ever been. I was sad to go back home to my old mattress!

So, I’ve had my own Awara mattress for about a week now and it’s just as good as I remembered it at my parents house. I slept on my old mattress for one night and I couldn’t do it after being spoiled by the Awara mattress at my parents’ house. 

My new Awara mattress has significantly improved the quality of my sleep, I feel well rested, the mattress is the perfect firmness and I look forward to bedtime. I’m so happy I decided to buy one for myself! 

Try Awara out for yourself here! 

Try Awarasleep !!

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