Gainful’s Personalized Nutrition System: My Secret At The Gym

I’ve been trying to deadlift 400 pounds for the past year, and even though I’d been drinking whey protein like nobody’s business, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Getting stronger is ⅓ working out and ⅔ nutrition, so I decided to switch up my workout fuel. After trying a bunch of generic proteins and seeing no results, I did some research and found Gainful. What interested me about this brand was that they have a completely personalized nutrition system: Personalized Protein Powder, Hydration and Pre-Workout. Each product is formulated to your specific body and goals. 

How it works

Once I was ready to order, I went to I took a quiz and told the Gainful team a little bit more about my lifestyle: how often I workout, how much I sleep, my dietary restrictions. They used that information to formulate the right blend of protein, amino acids and carbohydrates for my body. I love that it’s made specifically for me, and I can feel confident that I am taking supplements that are right for my body. Plus, Gainful shipped my order for free! When I received my package, I was able to reach out to a registered dietitian, who answered all my questions and gave me tips on how to maximize my results with Gainful. So you get your personalized protein AND the support and guidance you need for your fitness journey. 

My experience

Personalized Pre-Workout: We all know that pre-workout anxiety. Heavy legs, foggy head. Sometimes I really struggle to get excited about exercising. But Gainful’s Personalized Pre-Workout gives me that edge I need to start those late afternoon workouts. It’s got the perfect amount of caffeine to wake me up and amino acids that jumpstart the recovery process, so I’m able to spend less time resting. I’m finally motivated to workout because I know I’m going to feel good the whole time.

Personalized Hydration Powder: The Personalized Hydration Powder is a lifesaver! I sweat so much that it makes me dizzy, but this stuff replenishes my fluids immediately. I used to have to take breaks between dead-lifts because I’d get so nauseous, but now I can pump through sets of eight. I feel so hydrated at the gym and invincible to that mid-workout fatigue. I’ve been able to push myself so much harder.

Personalized Protein Powder: As soon as I’m home from the gym I mix up a Gainful Protein Shake. The most surprising thing about Gainful is the taste. I’ve had so many pasty, tasteless protein shakes in the past, but I could drink Gainful all day! The protein powder itself is flavorless, but it comes with flavoring powders so I can choose exactly what I want it to taste like. I always use the Strawberry Cream flavor. It’s like having dessert! But most importantly, I know this protein is made to make me feel stronger and recover faster, so I can workout again the next day just as high-energy.


Yesterday, I deadlifted 350, and before using Gainful I was at 250.  I’m not at 400 yet, but thanks to Gainful I’m able to put in more work at the gym every day. I am seeing progress and feeling my body change.  If you’re not seeing results with your current workouts and protein powder, then you need to try Gainful. I’ve never felt stronger, healthier, and more excited for my next workout, thanks to Gainful!

Visit to take the quiz and see what blend is right for you!

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