Five Amazing Art Pieces from your Favorite TV Shows

Five Amazing Art Pieces from your Favorite TV Shows

With all these streaming services, television is in its renaissance and I am here for it! But I still get nostalgic for those simpler days of shows on cable and DirectTV. So I was searching around the internet, and found this company called Mixtiles that makes framed art that sticks to your walls without nails! They had some super awesome throw-back TV artwork that I’m obsessed with. Here are five of my favorites.

Krabbie Smalls by Manasseh Johnson Sr

I don’t know about you, but Mr. Krabs was definitely my favorite character on Spongebob.

Welcome to Twin Peaks by Robert Farkas 

David Lynch is a GENIUS and this show was my childhood. I love this map and have it hanging on my wall. 

Playa from the Himalayas by Manasseh Johnson Sr

Anyone else watch Martin? Martin Lawrence is literal comedic gold. 

Stranger Things by Fred Birchal

Okay so this one is still on the air, but it’s a fave of mine and it’s set in the 80’s so it still makes me super nostalgic.

Breaking Bad – White’s House by Fred Birchal 

The grand finale, from my favorite show of all time. I’m also obsessed with the pizza detail. If you know, you know. 

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