Fad diets never worked for me. Luckily, I found Noom.

In my journey to lose weight, I feel like I can safely say I’ve tried every sort of diet out there with little to no success. Going vegan, relying on magic weight-loss pills and even cutting out entire food groups, I’ve done it all. All those diets have two things in common; they’re a waste of money and the little weight I’ve lost always comes creeping back a few months later. 

I was talking to a coworker one day and she told me she recently started Noom and that it felt different then other diets. I decided to give it a try. 

Noom creates a customized health program for you based on your goals. What stuck out to me was unlike crazy, fad diets that have you count calories or restrict yourself, Noom puts their emphasis on the psychological part of losing weight. Meaning you’re taught to reevaluate your old eating habits so you can change the way you think about food to create and sustain healthier eating habits.

Upon taking Noom’s intro quiz, I was assigned a coach to guide me through my fitness journey. We’d have daily check-ins where she’d help share tips and answer any questions I may have along the way. The encouragement and support from my coach along with the information shared on Noom’s app made everything so easy for me to follow along. We started off slow and I gradually transitioned over to the changes I needed to make to my diet to live a new and healthier lifestyle.

On top of the coaching, Noom also connects you with their online community of users that are working to lose weight and eat healthier just like you. For the first time, I was able to connect with people on this same journey and it made such a huge difference. I’d say the community piece was a huge part of helping me stay motivated and accountable for my health. 

Noom has single handedly transformed my relationship with food. I’ve always been a boredom eater and since working with my coach, I’ve been able to identify the root of why I look to food when I’m bored and I’ve been able to fix it. Noom is so much more than a diet plan, it’s a change in perspective. I’m not worried about going back to my old ways because their app has given me the tools I need like their articles, coaches, meal and fitness plans to sustain my new lifestyle. 

If you’re feeling burnt out, low in energy, and not sure where to start, definitely give Noom a try. I’m so happy and grateful I did! 

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