Empower Yourself with These Five Feminist Art Pieces

Empower Yourself with These Five Feminist Artpieces

I’m one of those types of people who wants my values known from the get-go: equality, justice, and empathy. I want it so that when my Uncle Peter comes over to my apartment for dinner, he is looked down upon by a wall of powerful women– maybe that way he won’t make as many misogynistic comments at the dinner table! If you’re like me, you’re gonna to see this amazing feminist art that I found on Mixtiles. Mixtiles are these awesome little framed tiles that you can magically stick onto your walls without nails! You can thank me later when you get your full security deposit back.  

Be the Change by The Beau Studio

Look at these beautiful ladies! Look at them and feel their power, Uncle Peter!

Ruth Bader Ginsberg by Domonique Brown

Queen Ruth Bader Ginsberg. ‘Nuff said. 

Band of Women by The Beau Studio

Visually, this piece just really gets me going.

Tigers 22 by BlueLela

Ugh, I love tigers. The most majestic creatures, only after womxn.

The Future is Female by Atelier Mave

Damn right it is! Also, I’m obsessed with the way the artist drew these women.

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