Does Hims ED Really Work? What You Need to Know

I was struggling with ED for a while, and any guy who has dealt with ED before knows how much it affects your self-confidence and your intimate times. I wanted to take back my life and feel like myself again, but I found it really hard to talk about, even with my doctor. That’s when I stumbled across hims. For those who aren’t familiar, hims is a telemedicine website that allows you to get ED meds online, without ever going to the pharmacy or doctor’s office.

My favorite thing about hims is how they go above and beyond to make their process discreet and convenient.  You can visit their site and get an online consultation without leaving the house, and a licensed medical provider reviews your answers and prescribes the right FDA-approved ED meds for you. Super easy, super private. 

Other huge perks to using hims are – 1) You don’t have to make any of those dreaded trips to the pharmacy. 2) Your meds are shipped right to the door, they come in discreet packaging so they keep your business private. 3) hims offers a more affordable alternative to Viagra®  – it’s got all the same active ingredients with less of the price tag. 

Bottom line: Dealing with ED is no fun but it doesn’t have to run your life. hims is going the extra mile for you to be the most private, affordable, convenient option and help you get back to where you want to be.

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