Body Fat

Knowing your body metrics can give you so much information and shouldn’t stress you out it should help you set goals. We recently hosted The Body Fat Test at LVL Fitness. I did this test back in 2014 after having my son when I first got into lifting weights. I was probably still doing way too much cardio and not eating enough protein, fats or carbs.

This time around I was a little stressed out about it. I know over the last year I HAVE NOT taken care of myself. My workouts have been so inconsistent, breakfast has almost been non existent and there is no way I am fueling my body for my daily activities. Truthfully, I almost didn’t do it. I didn’t sign up and even when there was an opening I was hesitant to go. I put on my big girl workout pants on and drove my ass on over there. My results weren’t as disappointing as I thought and I feel like they gave me a boot to work in building muscle and focusing on me!


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