At Home Cardio without equipment

Are you looking to get in a little cardio without investing any money into equipment. Here are three of the Best Cardio Exercises to do at home. love to add total body workout aspects to cardio at home.

1. Stair Sprints

Download an interval timer on your phone. I recommend seconds pro from the iTunes Store. Create a HIIT timer of 15 sets. You want to program 45 seconds of sprinting up/down the stairs and 15 seconds pushups on the stairs. Put your headphones in, turn up the music and give it your all. If you don’t have stairs you can do this same workout in your backyard while sprinting or better yet bear crawling for more of a total body workout.

2. 20 minute circuit

I love to incorporate circuits with body weight at home. You want to keep your body moving the whole time. Make sure you are prepared with everything you need before you start. Here is an example of one of my favorite circuits to do at home. You want to do 50 seconds of high intensity work and ten seconds of rest. Do this for two rounds.


Squats as fast as you can go

Plank with alternating shoulder taps

Tricep dips as fast as you can go (feet straight for more of a challenge)

Calf raises with something heavy (a hamper full of clothes, a bag of rice)

Burpees (I skip the jump at the end)

Walking lunges with heavy weight

Tricep push-ups

Plank Hold

Mountain climbers

If you aren’t sure of any of these moves they are all very simple and you can search them online.

3. Just Dance

There are so many great ways to move your body and this is one of my favorites to do solo or with my kids. If you own a Wii put in Just Dance and go crazy for 20 minutes. I promise your heart will be pumping. If you don’t own a Wii open You Tube on your phone and search “Just Dance”. The videos come up and you can dance along with the remote. Another option is to search You Tube for beginner dance tutorials. I love Benjamin Allen’s tutorials and so do my kids.

There are so many ways to get a great cardio workout. Remember you don’t need much time, just the right intensity.

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