Art of Subtlety in being Fit Again

I can lose weight pretty easily, but my problem is keeping it off. I fluctuate around 20 lbs and I feel better when I’m lighter, but I enjoy life more when I have those extra 20 lbs.

My friend told me about her experience with Noom as a way to overhaul her current routine and create healthier, more balanced habits after having her first baby. She has always lived an active lifestyle but it only took her a few months to lose her baby weight with Noom. 

I was so intrigued. 

Noom looks at the psychology of eating and creates healthy habits for each individual to promote weight loss. I don’t like to cut out entire food groups or buy my food prepared from a meal service. That has always turned me away from the typical dieting plans out there but Noom isn’t like that. 

Noom is anything but traditional. Each user completes their survey to find their best results based on their eating habits, lifestyle, and motivation. 

Their weekly, group coaching is a good way to connect with like-minded people. The Noom coaches help track your progress and push you to keep moving towards your goal. They’ve helped me learn to make healthier choices with their red, yellow, green markings that they label foods to eat and avoid. 

I’ve always considered myself pretty healthy but after using Noom, my past habits reminded me a lot of yo-yo dieting. I’ve learned a lot about the psychology around my eating habits with the information Noom offers on their app and I’ve seen a huge shift in my relationship with food.

I’ve been using Noom for 3 months and I’ve lost 10 lbs! This feels like my perfect weight because I’m healthy and exercising but I’m not hungry or depriving myself. 

I’m so happy I discovered Noom and was able to make subtle lifestyle changes that have really stabilized my weight and eating habits. If you are looking to lose weight and change your lifestyle — Noom really made it click for me! 
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