Art Pieces to Beautify your Bathroom

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my bowel movements are less than pleasant. That’s how I came up with the genius idea to hang up some cute bathroom art to make me laugh while I do the deed. Below is some really fun artwork from Mixtiles to liven up your potty spot! 

When You Gotta Go by handsoffmydinosaur 

This gumball machine looks like he’s having a real blast while pooping, just like me!

Please Don’t Do Coke in our Bathroom by Finlay & Noa

Like please. Don’t. 

Sh_tty Time by Naolito

Something about how this little guy’s facial expressions make me feel some type of way.

Helper by handsoffmydinosaur

That is definitely the face I make when I drink my morning coffee!

Teamwork by handsoffmydinosaur

So wholesome! I just love it. 

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