6 Tips To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is so important but when people say that, they really mean a good night’s sleep.  And we’ve all experienced a bad night’s sleep, those nights where you’re tossing and turning and just can’t get comfortable. You end up feeling grumpy and unrested.

I’ve always had a bedtime routine to ensure that I get good sleep, however, when I got my Nectar mattress I was shocked because it made such a huge difference. Spoiler alert, your mattress has a huge impact on the quality of your sleep! 

Here are 6 tips to get a better night’s sleep! 

Get a good mattress. One that’s not too firm but not too soft. Your mattress shouldn’t feel lumpy or squeak when you move. My Nectar mattress is the most comfortable bed I’ve had. I’m Goldilocks and this bed is perfect – cloud-like comfort that’s not too hard or too soft. 

Sleep in a cold room. 60℉ is prime for sleep because your body adapts to the colder temperature and it causes you to get drowsy and you fall asleep faster. 

Make sure your mattress isn’t making you hotter. Did you know memory foam holds heat? Even if your room is cold you can still overheat if your mattress doesn’t circulate air. Nectar has wicking material that soaks up sweat and circulates air as you move. 

Turn off electronics 30 minutes before bed. Backlit devices stimulate your body clock making it harder to fall asleep when it’s time to. Try reading or journaling before bed. 

Shower before bed. Showering before bed is a great way to relax and lower your body temperature. Both of which aid healthy sleep. Plus, it will give you more time in the morning so you don’t feel rushed.

Listen to music. Listening to music helps to cut down on screen time and it’s relaxing. Just make sure to pick calm, softer music over loud, jarring music. 

If you’ve ever slept in an uncomfortable bed you know how much that can affect your sleep. Do not underestimate the power of a good mattress

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