6 Signs You Need Yoga in Your Life

To be honest with you, I’ve always been kind of skeptical about yoga. When I moved to LA, it felt like everyone that I met was some self-proclaimed yogi whose life had been changed by the practice, which sounded like a bunch of bologna to me. However, the year I moved to LA, I was struggling with my energy levels, insomnia, and overall physical and mental health. After enough people in my life recommended yoga to me, I tried the Asana Rebel app and I kid you not– I fell in love. So don’t be stubborn like me, and listen to these 6 signs– if this is you, you definitely need some yoga in your life. 

  1. You’re stiff in the morning

We all sleep differently, and often in some nonoptimal positions! Since you’re literally unconscious when you sleep (duh), this is unavoidable. But Yoga is a great way to relieve that morning tension.

  1.  You recover slowly from injuries

Slow recovery is a sign of weak muscles. But if this is you, don’t freak out– yoga is an amazing, gentle way to strengthen them over time.

  1. You run out of breath easily

Breathing exercises are a staple of yoga practice, and can help you increase your lung capacity.

  1. You struggle to maintain your weight

Not only does yoga burn fat, but it also stimulates your metabolism– so you keep shedding calories even after you’ve put your mat away!

  1.  You don’t like hardcore workouts

The gym can be a scary place. Yoga is the perfect exercise for any one looking for a more peaceful physical activity.

  1. You want to be more energetic

Yoga gets your blood pumping and helps you sweat out toxins, so you feel refreshed and relaxed after each session.

Convinced it’s time to start practicing yoga? Thought so. My biggest recommendation would be The Asana Rebel app. It is a super easy, convenient way to work yoga into your lifestyle but with the benefits of expert teachers and amazing classes. It truly puts the yoga studio at your fingertips so you can practice during lunch breaks, or whenever you may have an hour or so to yourself. So stop waiting around and get started– you have no excuse, Asana Rebel makes yoga so easy and doable!

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