5 Reasons Women are Getting Birth Control Online

Many women, myself included, are familiar with the struggles of getting birth control. Not only is it difficult (and costly) to get a doctor’s appointment, but getting your refills at the pharmacy every few months can also be time-consuming. As I was searching for a simpler solution to getting my birth control, I found Nurx – a sexual healthcare company that delivers birth control straight to you.

Here are the five reasons I’m hooked on Nurx.

1. It’s Fast

When I started looking for birth control, I didn’t want to waste time and wait. It would’ve been a hassle to schedule an appointment with my doctor weeks in advance, take time out of my day to go to her office, and wait for a prescription to be filled. With Nurx, sign up took 10 minutes and I got 3 months of birth control shipped to me in less than a week!

2. It’s Affordable

With Nurx, it costs me $15 a month to get my birth control, and that’s without insurance. My doctor prescribes me the best option based on my needs and I’m able to see the price right away. With insurance, you can get your birth control for as low as $0/month and they even bill the insurance for you!

3. It’s Easy

If I have any questions about my birth control, I have direct access to Nurx’s medical team from my phone. I’m able to message them day or night – It’s way more convenient than calling and leaving messages at my doctor’s office.

4. Total Privacy

How I manage my sexual health is my business and every time I go to the pharmacy, I get a little uncomfortable. Nurx changed this for me completely – I love that I can manage my prescription and ask questions in private through the app. Plus, Nurx always ships with discreet packaging so I never have to worry about unwanted judgment.

5. Automatic Refills, So I Don’t Have to Think About It

I always forget to call in refills on time for my prescriptions. So before, with my birth control, I would go a few days with no pills in between, which leaves me unprotected and messes up my cycle. Nurx sends me automatic refills every 3 months so I don’t even have to think about it when I’m running low.

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