5 Of The Best Boxed Mattresses Worth Trying

In need of a new mattress but unsure where to start? Mattresses need to be switched out every 10 years and most people are holding on to theirs for much longer. If this sounds like you, it’s time for a mattress change! 

I put 5 boxed mattresses to the test, testing out comfort, coolness and affordability and here are the best ones. You spend ⅓ of your life sleeping so make it on a good mattress!

1. Nectar.  If you’re looking for a mattress that is affordable, cooling, insanely comfortable and with easy shipping, Nectar is the mattress for you! This mattress comes in a box along with a 365 risk free trial and a lifetime warranty. Nectar offers free sheets and pillows with a mattress purchase and their customer service team is fantastic if you have questions about anything. If you’re worried about ordering a mattress in a box, Nectar figures it all out for you!  

Try Nectar and get free pillows, sheets and a mattress protector, here

2. Dreamcloud. Let’s just say I’ve been due for a new mattress for a while and what an upgrade this Dreamcloud mattress has been! After researching, I found Dreamcloud mattresses have six layers of memory foam support and innerspring coils to reduce movement and improve stability. As a side sleeper, this is the most comfortable mattress I’ve tried. It’s a dream and I look forward to bedtime!

To try Dreamcloud, get $200 off your mattress plus free premium shipping for our readers, here

3. Awara. If you’re a hot sleeper keep reading because an Awara mattress is everything you never knew you were looking for! Awara mattresses have 4 inches of built in cooling foam, latex  and organic cottons. A game changer for comfort, support and if you’re a hot sleeper. 

I’ve always been a hot sleeper — I’ve tried new comforters and sheets and what I didn’t realize was, my mattress was making me hot. I get the best, coolest sleep of my life with this Awara mattress. If you’re a hot sleeper like myself, this is the best mattress! Awara has a 365 day risk free trial for their mattresses but trust me when I say, you won’t regret it. 

Try Awara — they’re currently having a $300 off sale, here! 

4. Casper. This Casper Mattress checks the boxes for comfortability and affordability but it wasn’t my favorite. Yes, it offers the convenience of a boxed mattress but it wasn’t my best sleep. I still felt hot when I slept on this mattress and while it was comfortable, it was a little

 soft for my liking and I tossed and turned more than usual. If you like a soft mattress, you could really like Casper! 

Try Casper’s mattresses 10% off, here!  

5. Avocado. Avocado offers vegan, organic mattresses made of organic wool, latex and cotton. If you’re looking for something all natural and sustainable this is a great option! But, as a hot sleeper, the wool was just way too hot for me. Keep that in mind but I’d still say this isn’t a bad option because it’s comfortable and if you follow a sustainable, organic lifestyle this mattress is appealing. 

Try Avocado’s organic mattress, here! 

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