4 Reasons You Need Ruggable’s New Medium Pile Rugs

While I am a wife and mother, I also pride myself on being a great entertainer. I love having our friends and neighbors over for drinks and charcuterie, and most weekends my parents are over for dinner. I would never change the way we welcome people into our home, but I’ll be honest, sometimes the messes left behind are too much. All that foot traffic and eating takes its toll on our floors. It also makes me nervous to have high quality decor in my home, because I’m worried it’ll just get ruined by an accidental wine spill or a runaway meatball. That’s why I’ve become obsessed with Ruggable’s Premium Medium Pile Rugs.

Ruggable is the Original Washable Rug®. I’d heard about them for years on Instagram and Facebook before deciding to buy my own. They have a reputation for being super stylish and functional. But how good are they, really? I mean, can they really be worth all the hype? I didn’t really believe they could be, that is until I saw the Premium Medium Pile Collection. These rugs are thicker, more durable, and softer than the original Ruggable rug designs, so they look and feel high quality no matter what I put them through! I’m here to share the scoop, so here are my four favorite things about Ruggable’s Premium Medium Pile Rugs:

1. Machine-Washable

It is not often that you find a high quality, stylish rug that is also easy to clean. But that’s what Ruggable has done with these Premium Rugs. Their two-part system is literally genius. Every Premium Ruggable rug comes with:

The soft, intricately designed Premium Medium Pile Rug Cover.

And the nonslip pad, which is made with Cling Effect technology, so it keeps the rugs from slipping and sliding around. 

No matter what gets spilled, dropped, or crushed into the rug, I can just remove Rug Cover and pop it into my washing machine. Once it’s washed and dried, it honestly looks brand new, like I just took it out of the box! All I have to do then is reattach it to the nonslip pad, and I’m ready for my next batch of house guests and the mess that comes with them.

2. Elevated Quality

My favorite thing about the Premium Medium Pile Rugs is that they look and feel like a super expensive, high end rug. The Premium Rug Cover is made with tufted yarn, which is about 3 times thicker than Classic Ruggable Rug Covers! It feels soft to the touch, and it’s so comfortable to walk across barefoot. Since getting it I find myself sitting on the floor more, playing with my kids and my pets, because I love the way it feels. It’s like taking a nap in a lamb’s fur. And because it’s thicker, it does a better job of protecting my floors from furniture and feet, which helps me keep the entire house looking clean and chic.  

3. Super Durable

A BIG part of the reason Ruggable’s Premium Rugs are so easy to clean is because they are built to be durable! The Premium Rug covers are made with water and stain-resistant technology, which keeps liquids from sinking into the fabric. That means that small spills and messes are easy to wipe up quickly, and larger spills won’t have long lasting effects. I know that because I’ve spilled almost everything you can think of on mine: coffee, wine, even a chunky smoothie.

This water-resistant layer also helps to keep the rugs looking beautiful wash after wash! There’s no fraying, no-color fading, and no shrinkage. The first time I washed it it almost looked even softer and more vibrant! I was like “How is this even possible?” Even after dozens of washes, it has maintained its original quality and texture, which is truly incredible.  

4. Interchangeable designs

If there’s one thing Ruggable gets as a company, it’s style and aesthetics. You can find so many incredible Premium Rug designs on their website. From classic designs, avant garde illustrations, boho chic, and incredible artist collaborations, their library of rugs almost feels endless. And because the Cling Effect technology makes it so easy to remove the Rug Covers from the nonslip pads and swap them out, I almost had to get two that I could change between. So now I can have one rug out for my cocktail party, and replace it with a different one for dinner with my parents. I swear, no matter what your taste is, they have the perfect rug for you. 

And there you have it! If you want to clean your home quickly and easily, but you also want that high end aesthetic, Ruggable’s Premium Medium Pile Rugs are a home decor essential. Check them out at Ruggable.com and order your perfect rug right now.

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