3 supplements that ACTUALLY helped my bloating

I’ll be honest, I sometimes struggle with bloating and gas. When I go out to eat, I worry that people notice how big my belly can get. I’ve been wanting to do something about it but wasn’t sure where to start. That was until…

Persona SAVED me. They create CUSTOM supplement routines to address a wide range of health concerns, bloating included. In just one quick assessment I told them about my lifestyle and health goals. 

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They developed a daily and nightly supplement routine made from nutritionist-curated, science-backed ingredients that addressed my specific bloating issues, including:

  1. Ginger Extract
    This helps to stimulate the digestive process to help ease bloating & gas.
  1. Peppermint Plus 
    Peppermint Plus relaxes and relieves stomach trouble caused by eating and bloating.
  1. Apple Pectin 
    It’s a form of soluble fiber that helps soothe digestive issues. 

AND, my favorite part is that I never have to worry about forgetting to take them or even trying to figure out what to take. With Persona, everything is sent straight to my door, so I don’t even need to spend time hunting for supplements in the grocery store. Plus, my vitamins come conveniently packaged in daily and nightly packs, which makes taking them all so easy and saves me tons of cabinet space!

Since taking Persona, my digestion feels better and I also feel more comfortable in my clothes because I’m less bloated. YAY for dinners out with friends!

Take the Persona quiz right now and see what custom routine they develop for you!

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