3 Sex Supplements Every Woman Over 40 Should Know About

Who says your sex life has to die after 40?! Maintaining a satisfying and vibrant sex life gets increasingly important as you age. Ladies, let’s talk about how to experience more pleasure and satisfaction in the bedroom. In this article, we’ll explore three key supplements that can help women reclaim their sexual vitality…

#1. URO Vaginal Probiotic – Helps you smell and taste better down there

This means no more being self-conscious during sex, just focusing on enjoying the moment. Changes in our bodies and environmental factors can impact the pH levels of the vagina and cause an imbalance in the vagina’s flora. URO balances your vaginal pH and yeast levels, making you feel fresh and confident during intimate moments. 

Here are what women have to say about URO Vaginal Probiotic:

“sorry tmi but my bf went down on me for like 45 minutes last night lol he said i tasted so good. this is 2 weeks into URO probiotics… def not a coincidence.”  – P.K.

“I was taking 2 showers a day and still self-conscious when a guy went down on me. With URO I don’t worry as much. You can call me amazed!” – Aimee T.

#2. MENO Menopause Vitamins – Helps with menopause belly & decreased sex drive

As you enter menopause, hormonal changes can lead to weight gain, aka “meno belly”. These MENO Menopause Vitamins are formulated with science-backed ingredients that support a healthy metabolism. And when menopause plays tricks on your sex drive MENO’s aphrodisiac ingredients are there to put the mojo back in your sex life.

Here are what women have to say about MENO Menopause Vitamins:

“Love love love these , helped with night sweats, my sex drive is off the charts!! Thank you!” – Gypsy

“I had a burst of weight gain and after only being on Meno 2 months, a few pounds have come off and hot flashes are less. I’m sold!!” – R.R

#3. URO Urinary Tract – Helps with frequent or painful urination

Frequent or painful urination can be a real buzzkill after spicy time. Fear not, because URO Urinary Tract is the go-to worry-free sex. By helping with bacterial buildup in the urethra, URO ensures you’re always ready for any bedroom adventure and can focus on the pleasure of the moment. 

Here are what women have to say about URO Urinary Tract:

“Used to be scared of having sex & peeing after sex never helped. Since URO UT I have not had a UTI.” – Leanna S.

“My mom would always make us drink a glass of pure, bitter cranberry juice every morning because she said UTIs run in the family. URO is SO MUCH BETTER, I even converted my mom!!” – Ashleigh H

“Super satisfactory pees – 10/10” – Jessie G

When it comes to sex, age is just a number, and O-POSITIV understands that. These 3 supplements are highly recommended for any woman out there who wants to focus on feeling better and having better sex. The best part, all 3 of these are in “The Revitalizing Sex Collection” from O-POSITIV. Buying in the bundle saves you some extra cash. Plus they have a 60-day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy, so there’s no reason not to try these amazing products out!

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