3 reasons I ditched clay litter and switched to PrettyLitter

If you have a cat you know how disgusting their litter box can be, especially if you use clay litter. I used it for years, but I just couldn’t take it anymore, to the point where I even thought about getting rid of my cat. Here are the top three things that pushed me to switch:

  1. Clay litter smells so bad
  2. Clumping leaves a huge mess behind
  3. Dust. Everywhere.

That’s why PrettyLitter has become my new best friend. I saw an ad for it on Instagram and was immediately obsessed.

It’s a silica-gel based crystal litter and it ships directly to my door. Get this, it actually absorbs the odor of urine and can help to eliminate it, so no matter what room in my small apartment my cat uses for her business, my house stays smelling fresh. I’ve been using it for a month now and I’ve already noticed a huge difference in the way my apartment smells! Now you see my cat before you smell her.

It’s also SOOO much easier to keep the litter box clean than when I was using clay litter. PrettyLitter is 99.9% dust-free, so I don’t make a huge mess when I’m cleaning out the box. And it’s non-clumping, so I only have to scoop out the poops. So much more convenient than clay litter, and I don’t have to replace the litter as frequently so I’m saving money!

It’s actually crazy how much I’m saving with PrettyLitter, especially since it’s made with this incredible color changing technology. It reacts to certain urinary elements in my cat’s pee and it changes color to help alert me of potential health issues my cat might be experiencing. I’m so thankful for it because it’s already helped avoid a BIG, expensive vet bill, and it keeps my kitty happy.

PrettyLitter is LITTERally the litter of the future. Check it out right now and keep your apartment and cat fresher than ever. 

This post is sponsored by PrettyLitter.

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