3 MUST-TRY coffee countries for every coffee addict

Let’s get real: most of us can’t function without our daily coffee. I get it, it’s a necessity! But did you know that the country your coffee is grown in can actually make a HUGE difference when it comes to flavor? It’s time to stop settling for boring coffee. Instead, try coffee from these 3 MUST-TRY coffee countries: 

  1. Brazil 

Brazil doesn’t only dominate when it comes to gorgeous beaches and coastlines! It also produces some of the most delicious, sweetest coffee you’ll ever try. With notes of oatmilk, brown sugar, and marzipan, you literally cannot go wrong with this coffee! This is one of my absolute favorites, for sure. 

  1. Costa Rica

Being one of my favorite vacation spots, I couldn’t believe I didn’t try coffee from Costa Rica sooner! This country’s coffee warms the soul with cozy flavor notes like spiced fig, roasted hazelnut, and molasses! It literally tastes like Christmas in a cup–what’s better than that?

  1. India

Last but definitely not least, Indian coffee is a MUST try for every coffee lover. I’ve never tasted anything like it, and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed! The coffee from this beautiful country brings notes of dark chocolate (yes, chocolate!), roasted almonds, and prunes. I mean, who doesn’t want chocolate in their coffee? Safe to say, this is a fan-favorite. 

If any of these sound tasty to you, you can get your hands on coffee from these three countries (and more!) by joining Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas is seriously the future of coffee. It’s a subscription service that ships you a new single-origin coffee from a different country every single month! You get to choose your roast and grind preferences (they even have k-cup pods!), and each order comes with a postcard from the country. How fun is that? They even include a card that describes all the unique tasting notes, so you can read all about what you’re drinking!

Plus, they don’t roast the beans until AFTER you place the order, so you know you’re getting the freshest coffee possible (unlike generic coffee that can sit on grocery shelves for MONTHS!). I am seriously NEVER going back to my old coffee. 

Oh, and listen to this: Right now, you can get 50% off your first order of k-cup pods when you subscribe! I mean, who doesn’t love discounted coffee? What are you waiting for? Go join Atlas Coffee Club right now!

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