Worried About Hair Loss? Men Are Using This And It’s Working

I’ve watched my older brother & my father struggle with hair loss, and while we don’t talk about it much, I know it runs in my family and I want to try and get ahead of it. A friend of mine casually brought up Keeps, an affordable hair loss solution, during a conversation one day and I had to check it out.

After doing some digging around, I learned that Keeps connects you with one of their online doctors to help find the best approach for your hair loss.

I felt good about using Keeps because it’s FDA approved and backed by research. It wasn’t just some placebo pill like many of the hair loss solutions I’ve tried in the past. Plus, the 1,300 5 star reviews on their website made me feel like I was in good company.

My first consultation was free, Keeps recommended that I try their Minoxidil Foam and Finasteride pills. While I don’t have extreme hair loss, I noticed my hairline receding and also noticed my hair was thinning. So, I wanted to be proactive & stop my hair loss as soon as possible.

I’m 4 months into my treatment & I definitely notice a difference in the thickness of my hair. That has been all the motivation I need to keep going. I’ve even gotten my brother to try out Keeps and I haven’t seen him wear a hat for the first time in years since.

Keeps really works, my brother & I are living proof. Keeps has allowed me to keep my hair while stimulating new growth and it feels really good to get on the other side of that.

The amazing team at Keeps is offering our readers a 50% discount for the first 3 months of treatment.

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