I Ditched Stitch Fix for Wantable & I’m Never Going Back

Wantable, the personal styling service that ships curated boxes to you, has completely changed my wardrobe for the better! As someone who never knows how to shop for myself, and when to find the time, a styling service is perfect for me. Let me tell you about my personal journey to find Wantable, and why it is my favorite styling service.

For months, I used another service called StichFix and wasn’t 100% satisfied. I just never really felt that the clothes were curated for me, which was probably due to the short styling quiz that didn’t go in-depth into my style. The box comes with 5 pieces and I was always hoping for just a bit more to try on. Also, once I did get the clothes, there was some inconsistency in the quality of items. Plus, Stitch Fix only allows 3 days for you to try on outfits and decide if you like them or not, which just wasn’t enough time for me. 

A friend knew I was on the hunt for a new personal styling service and told me how much she loves her Wantable monthly boxes and how they feel so… her! I took the plunge and I am OBSESSED.

With Wantable, their style quiz was SO much more detailed, asking you to rank items. They avoid anything you mark as “dislike,” and you can even get detailed about specific fabrics, colors, and patterns that you like, love, or dislike. This way, everything curated for you is very much matched to your personal style and personality. By far more detailed than my Stitch Fix quiz.

You can choose from countless themed edits, requesting what you would like in your next shipment. Next, your edit arrives containing 7 curated pieces chosen by real stylists. You then have 5 days to try on outfits – paying only for what you want to keep and send the rest back. 5 days was much more reasonable of a timeline for me. Best part? If you do decide to buy 5 or more pieces, Wantable will take 20% off your final total. So, my wardrobe keeps growing and I am feeling much more confident about my style.

I was hesitant at first to try Wantable, considering I didn’t love Stitch Fix. Nonetheless, I LOVE that Wantable curates outfits from a detailed quiz, gives you more items to try, and more days to try them on than Stitch FIx. If I find myself not loving a piece, all I have to do is send it back – free shipping and everything! If your closet needs an upgrade, you NEED to try Wantable!

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