5 Signs Generic Shampoo Is Damaging Your Hair & How To Fix It

Generic shampoo is packed with sulfates, parabens, harsh dyes, and fragrances. So no matter how well you care for your hair, these ingredients are harsh and lead to damage, dryness, and breakage. 

Here’s what to look for if you think your drugstore shampoo is damaging your hair! Healthy, shiny, gorgeous hair is at the top of many women’s wishlists, right? The reality is, having healthy hair is dependent on a lot of things. What’s your hair type? Do you color your hair often? Do you heat style it weekly? Do you use products with sulfates and harsh chemicals? 

1. Your hair is greasy or hard to style. Generic shampoo might have sulfates and other nasty ingredients that can cause buildup on the strands of your hair. Buildup leads to dull-looking, weighed down hair that does not hold a style well. It can even cause your scalp to look greasy because it’s not thoroughly cleaning your hair. If you think you’re experiencing this, completely cut out sulfates and harsh chemicals from your hair care. Upgrade to Function of Beauty. It’s a customizable hair care system that is free of nasty ingredients, sulfates, and harsh fragrances. 

2. Your hair is dry. If your hair feels hay-like or brittle, your shampoo is not doing its job. Most generic shampoos have sulfates known as SLS or SLES which are also present in dish soap. You know how dry dish soap makes your hands feel so imagine that on your hair. Dry hair can lead to breakage, frizz, and flyaways so it’s definitely something you want to fix quickly. Function of Beauty allows you to target your specific hair concerns like dryness with their customizable shampoo and conditioner.

3. Your hair is breaking off. This is a huge sign that you need to revamp your shampoo and entire hair care routine ASAP! It’s really important to find a shampoo with just the right amounts of protein and moisture. Too much of one or the other can lead to breakage. Breakage can also be the byproduct of intense damage and using a harsh shampoo will only speed up the process. 

4. Your color is fading. We’ve identified that sulfates and harsh chemicals damage your hair but they also strip hair color. Avoid sulfates in your hair care whenever possible, but especially if you color your hair because your expensive salon treatment is just washing down the drain every time you wash your hair with them. Function of Beauty allows you to create color friendly formulas, free of sulfates to preserve your hair color. 

5. Your hair is no longer shiny. If your hair looks dull or doesn’t have a shine that could mean your hair is stripped of moisture and its natural oils. It’s likely that your shampoo is way too harsh so go for a hydrating, gentle formula to help build your hair back up

Drugstore shampoos are incredibly harsh so imagine using that along with coloring and heat styling your hair? That’s a lot to put your hair through. Luckily, the damage done by harsh, drugstore shampoos can easily be reversed once you switch to a sulfate-free, clean option. Function of Beauty is a 100% customizable hair care system that is vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable, free of parabens, sulfates, and all the other nasty ingredients that damage your hair. 

Function of Beauty allows you to customize your own shampoo and conditioner to fit all your hair needs and it can really improve the quality of your hair. With the right hair products and care, your best, healthy hair days are just around the corner!

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