5 Best Hacks for Curly Hair

Thinking about my frizzy, tangled, limp, and dry hair demotivates me from getting up from my bed every morning. The amount of time and effort I would need to spend in the mirror, brushing and styling it is truly a deal-breaker for me. Having curly hair is NOT easy to manage. I have tried almost EVERY product and hacks out there, and yet I still wake up with frizzy, tangled, and dried-out curls. It wasn’t until I found these HOLY GRAIL hacks that I was finally able to LOVE MY CURLS — here are the 5 best hacks I swear by:

1. Cocunat

Cocunat’s three-step curl care is a life changer, a top-tier hair product that I cannot live without.  It is doing an exceptional job in nourishing, keeping my hair free from damage and breakage, locking moisture in, making it amazingly smooth and soft, and defining my curls. It is made from amazing ingredients like coconut oil, apricot oil, and pomegranate extract. Its light texture and fruity scent make it even better.

Thanks to Cocunat — my hair and curls are better than they’ve ever been before!

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2. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase has made my hair frizzy and curls tangled to a different level. My friend recommended that I switch to a silk pillowcase, and it was an epiphany moment for me. Farewell to friction, tangles, dryness, and frizz, and hello good hair days!

3. Apply styling products to wet hair

After I put my leave-in conditioner, I apply styling products all over my hair, scrunching up towards my scalp, until my hair is not dripping anymore. This is a crowning achievement for me!

4. Using an old shirt to dry hair

I’ve learned that towels absorb a significant amount of moisture from my hair, causing it to be dry, frizzy, and prone to tangles. While a t-shirt only absorbs the excess water from my hair, resulting in healthier-looking, soft, and moisturized hair. I am never using a towel to dry my hair ever again.

5. Not touching your hair when drying

This may seem simple, but this technique is a complete game-changer for reducing frizz in your hair. After showering, I try not to excessively touch my hair with my hands to keep my natural curl pattern, resulting in softer, tangle-free, and defined locks. And my favorite part, it’s completely easy and FREE!

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